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What’s with Apple slowing down iPhones?

You’ve heard the stories. You may have even experienced it yourself. So, what’s the deal with Apple slowing down iPhones? Back in December 2017, Primate Labs (a processor benchmarking software company) released a report that recognised a common complaint among iPhone...

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POP vs. IMAP – What’s the difference?

POP vs. IMAP – What’s the difference? Learn the basics of the different email account types   Find out more about the differences between the various ways that you can receive email. Gmail, AOL, Outlook, iCloud – most of us can’t function without emails. Whether we’re...

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: What you need to know

The highly anticipated Windows 10 Falls Creator Update was launched earlier this year on October 17. It’s packed with new features that all Windows users can enjoy. Here, we’ll share our top six favourite minor improvements and major additions that have arrived with...

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IOS 11 What you may actually care about!

Control Center Control Center is easily one of the most important changes coming to iOS this year. It received a massive overhaul, and it’s user customizable. That means you can add the toggles you want to the Control Center screen in addition to the default ones that...

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Wanna Cry – How to stay safe

Hey Guys, Recently you may have heard of the "WannaCry" virus spreading around the internet. It's been on the news, radio and even Microsoft has been pushing security updates to stop it. It's a very dangerous virus that locks up your system & encrypts your files so...

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